Anyone would feel frightened and overwhelmed by a cancer diagnosis. There is so much to consider when you first receive your diagnosis. Knowing how to proceed and what choices to make as far as treatment options can be difficult decisions to make. Now with the internet highway available to us, the amount of information that can be accessed by cancer patients is astronomical. You can find research, testimonials, diets, protocols and so much more. People may research and decide to refuse standard cancer treatments because of the information they find regarding holistic treatments and diets.

Such is the case with a young mother who died when she refused cancer treatment in favor of a vegan diet. Katie Britton-Jordan, from Derbyshire, was diagnosed with stage 2a triple negative breast cancer in July 2016. Katie claimed chemotherapy was like ‘poisoning your body’ and refused a mastectomy and radiotherapy. Refusing chemotherapy which was prescribed for cancer treatment, she opted instead for a vegan diet to treat her cancer. Katie passed away on May 25th, 2019, losing her battle with breast cancer. (1)

Can A Vegan Diet Cure Cancer?

There is currently a plethora of information on the internet about the vegan diet.  You can find programs teaching you how to eat vegan, what it means to be a true vegan, just about anything you want to know about being vegan. There are even many claims on the internet by people who say that eating vegan killed their cancer. The issue surrounding this is that there still remains to be scientific research that can back these claims up. Researchers are studying the effects of vegetarian and vegan diets which are generally considered to be cancer-protective. However, studies regarding the outcomes have not yet been done and there are still too many unanswered variables. (2)

Is The Vegan Diet Really The Answer?

Researchers are doing more work to show physicians how healthy eating benefits the body. In a recent study, researchers presented study information for physicians based on the HBO documentary “The Weight of The Nation” to show them the benefits of plant-based diets. The intention of the study is to get physicians to recommend plant-based diets to their patients to combat some of the common diseases including cancer.

In another comprehensive study, researchers looked at how foods broke down in the body based on cancer progression and changes in DNA during the process. The researchers looked at both candidates who ate animal proteins in their diet and those who consumed plant-based nutrition. The studies were inconclusive for vegan diet curing cancer but gave researchers more information to study. (3, 4)

Taking Your Life Into Your Own Hands

When it comes down to it, how you decide to treat your health issues is your decision to make. You have many resources that are available to you for making your decisions. The key factor to remember is to accurately do your research. Maybe if this mom had asked a few more questions or looked at some of the scientific research it may have made a difference in how she decided to treat her cancer. Then again, she may have had her reasons for doing what she did. Perhaps she felt so strongly and convicted in her beliefs that no research would have swayed her decision.


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