I am a 37-years old woman who is pregnant and soon to give birth to a child, by a man I have been dating three years now.  The sad truth Is I recently found out that my 16-year-old daughter who is also pregnant is soon to give birth to a baby for the same man as well.

My life feels upside down and traumatized.  I’m so embarrassed I don’t know what to do.


               Your story is definitely not an attractive one. And there isn’t much I can say.
And the damage is already done.

So what I suggest is that you try sitting with your daughter and discuss the situation. As there isn’t much either of you can do at this time, except to carry the babies then try to work on your family relationship with those children.

Last but not least. I hope all of the mothers that may be reading this article with these boyfriends you barely know. Will take Note and Stop leaving your daughter’s with these child molesters that your all calling boyfriends. you should go to a Psychiatrist that deals with Child and Adolescent Psychiatry , you should also find out when did he started having sex with your daughter because it maybe a Police matter.


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