Spice and D’Angel’s ongoing “No Worries” beef heats up as the “Queen of Dancehall” shared her side of the messy story on Monday.

In a lengthly Instagram live video, “Under Fire” deejay took out her bible to share her truth to the drama.

During the live session recorded in her car, Spice shared a slew of receipts including Instagram conversations with D’Angel dating as far back as October 14, 2016 and Whatsapp voicenotes.

According to Spice, D’Angel started slandering her name after she refused to do shows in Jamaica with her due to her busy schedule. Spice said things got serious when Angel’s stylist blasted her online after Team Spice dancer, Rebel made a comment about the First Lady of Dancehall’s fashion.

Watch snippets from Spice’s Instagram live below.


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