DEEJAY Rygin King is on the move again. Eleven days after being transferred to an undisclosed medical facility for security reasons, he is being relocated, the Jamaica Observer has learnt.

“He no longer requires 24-hour monitoring,” a source, who requested anonymity, told the Observer.

“He’s doing very well. Great doctors around the clock. He is healing well,” the source continued.

The deejay is said to be monitored by a heavy security detail.

Two Sundays ago Rygin King was shot and critically injured after leaving a funeral in Westmoreland.

Reports are that he was travelling in a convoy in Bethel Town when one of the cars was involved in a collision. According to eyewitness reports, while repairs were being done another car drove up and a passenger alighted and peppered the bystanders with bullets, including the deejay.

He was one of three people shot in the incident. He was rushed into emergency surgery at the Savanna-la-Mar hospital. A female, Sashalee Blackwood of Irwin Meadows in St James, succumbed to her injuries.

Rygin King was subsequently transferred to the Falmouth Hospital to continue his treatment. However, 11 days ago, he was allegedly airlifted from the hospital and moved to another medical facility after a group of men showed up and attempted to gain access to him. The police — who confirmed the incident — detained them. They were eventually released.

After Rygin was shot, someone leaked photos and videos of the artiste being wheeled in[to] the operating room at Savanna-la-Mar hospital. We understand and are aware of the media interest, but we thought that it was vital that Rygin was moved from Falmouth to a new, secure undisclosed location for security reasons,” a member of Rygin King’s management team, told the Observer at the time.

Rygin King, given name Matthew Smith, came to prominence in 2018 when he was the closing act for Reggae Sumfest. He is widely known for songs including Tuff, How Me Grow, Ruptionand Things Go Change.


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