It should have been another typical Mother’s Day celebration on Sunday for 62-year-old Charmaine Henry and her family.

But in a bizarre series of events, Sunday was spent by the family mourning Henry’s untimely death and giving statements to the police on the matter.

Henry, of a Seville Heights, St Ann, address, reportedly died at the St Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital on Friday after being readmitted following a previous visit to treat a wound she accidentally sustained at home.

Police reports are that on Saturday, May 2, Henry was at home when her two sons got into a fight. She intervened and received a chop wound to the left side of her head.

She was taken to the St Ann’s Bay Regional Hospital, where she was treated and released. The police say she was readmitted to the hospital on May 8 and died that same day.

It is unclear if the death was as a direct result of the chop wound she sustained.

A visit by this newspaper to the residence on Sunday found that no one was home. Neighbours were unwilling to comment on the incident.

One resident in the community, however, lamented the tragedy.

“It’s actually sad, based on everything … . Today is Mother’s Day, and to hear a son may have taken his own mother’s life, even though is accident, it miserable,” she said.

Efforts to get an update from the police were unsuccessful.


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