Minister Marion Hall formerly known as Lady Saw has teased a diss track aimed at spiritual adviser RT Boss.

The Gospel star took Instagram last week to clap back against allegations that she was involved in obeah practices.

Last week Hall took to Instagram Live to share a studio session of herself praising God and blasting the allegations made by RT Boss.

During the Livestream, Hall would prove that her lyrical skills were as sharp as ever despite departing the Dancehall scene. She teased fans with a few lines from the fiery track before proclaiming she was not ready to drop it as yet.

“I’m sure without a doubt, my God will work it out/ Tell di enemy don’t worry bout me/ I’m sure without a doubt, my God will work it out/ He will surely give me victory,” she sang, before launching into the chorus.

With over 1000 fans tuned in Hall would also tease a second track dubbed “holy ghost missile,” addressing the situation. “From mi born mi nuh go obeah man, nuh inna nuttn wid nuh obean man/ Jesus Christ, fi mi God too strong” she chanted in the snippet.

Minister Marion went on to warn her detractors not to provoke her spirit. “When unnu see di lion a sleep, leff di lion. Yuh see how me give up di stage an tek up di pulpit? Wah unnu go trouble di church lady fah?”

Minister Marion’s clap-back comes just days after RT Boss name-dropped her in during a squabble with Spice. He claims that former Dancehall star used Obeah to try and stall Spice’s career in the past.



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