A 2017 article suggests that men are more satisfied by ‘bromances’ than their romantic relationships with women, and one relationship expert has agreed wholeheartedly.

Shelly Ann Weeks said that men, while not calling their closeness to other men a bromance, spend more time with men and are more inclined to share information with them than with their spouses.

She said that some men usually have friends from childhood, and for them, women cannot come between that because of how much significance they put on the relationship.

“I call them ‘homosocial’ men who spent most of their time with their male friends even though they are in relationships. You know the popular saying, ‘bros before ‘hoes’? That has a lot of truth to it because that is literally how they will have these long-term friendships with their male friends,” she said.

The article also says that men get more emotional satisfaction out of a bromance.

A survey was conducted with 30 heterosexual men and its results showed that men were very comfortable sharing secrets, expressing love and even sleeping in the same bed as other men.

Reggae artiste Tony Rebel said that men should not be looking to other men to share secrets and expressing love.

He said that the female partner should be the first person to whom they should be looking to share their vulnerability.

“Mi nuh have a problem to reason wid mi brethren dem, and if it come to the test weh all a wi affi pack up somewhere and sleep, mi nuh have no problem. Mi confident enough in my sexuality fi know seh, yeah, wi lay down pan a chair a sleep, but mi nuh prefer that. My preference would be lying down in a bed next to my woman,” he said.

He said that men usually have conversations where they share things they would not say in front of their women, but they are not classified as secrets.

Rebel said that men who would rather express love and ‘secrets’ to other men instead of their spouses are men ‘on the low’.

“Mi feel like seh dem man deh a half sea creature or supm because if mi get weak or vulnerable mi nah go show dem thing deh to me man friend dem. Mi rather show that to mi woman,” he said.

Weeks said men normally confide in them more because they trust them more.

“If dem brethren seh dem woman a cheat pan dem, dem more fi believe dem than the woman. There is no question about it. If their brethren say that, then that is what it is,” Weeks said.

Psychologist Dr Leahcim Semaj said that men are very cautious and vulnerable around women and they will more likely to express concerns to their male counterparts.

He said that men search for neutral ground to have conversations, such as at the barbershop, in fear of being judged by their wives or girlfriends.

“A lot of people define their masculinity in very specific ways. So you wouldn’t want persons to know that you have certain kinds of weaknesses. It takes a lot of effort for a man to be at the place where he is vulnerable,” he said.


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