Patrick ‘Curly Loxx’ Gaynor, half of the duo Twin of Twins, says he is taking a ‘wait and see’ approach while he grapples with uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 vaccine.

Scores of health workers were among the first to be inoculated as vaccination activities began on Wednesday. Persons from other sectors are to receive the long-awaited injection in the coming weeks.

Admitting that he has not completely dismissed the idea of being vaccinated, the entertainer said he will be doing his due diligence so an informed decision can be made.

“I don’t rule it out as yet but right now I’m in the ‘mek dem tek it fuss’ mode. Personally, it’s about doing your own research and trying to find out what is objective from what is subjective truth because the lie and the truth mix up … We all know how the world of business works … and it’s not a pretty landscape,” he said.

Gaynor shared that by ‘dem’, he meant the world in general and those who are interested in taking the vaccine at this time.

“People are saying that we should just take the credible sources’ word for it [but] we also see these minds and opinions change over the years and for the worse. There’s a lot on the back side of things and we have a problem right now with reputation,” he said. The outspoken entertainer challenged that while vaccines have proven helpful in the past, it cannot be ignored that just like in other industries, including music, as new players enter the field, intentions and outputs change.

“For example, reggae [today], it’s not what Bob Marley fought for. It’s a different thing now that is influencing it and we still have unrealistic expectation from the reputation that Bob Marley built,” he said. [Likewise] Edward Jenner invented the vaccine … He was a well-wisher, he had great intentions but it fall in different hands … people who can possibly manipulate certain things behind the scenes … so it’s not about the vaccine itself being bad, it’s the people whose hands certain things fall into.”

Gaynor, who was speaking at a GleanerEditors’ Forum, said that a significant number of his peers in the entertainment fraternity are not necessarily interested in the injection either.

He said that most are absolutely against the vaccine, while the rest are split between those who are willing to take the doses and those who are undecided, seeking further clarification. He, however, admitted that if approached, the music industry is prepared to assist the Government with its social campaign surrounding vaccination activities


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