Father’s Day came and went on Sunday, June 21, and while Dancehall artistes and their better halves were posting images of themselves with their children, Masicka and some of his fans were having an online field day, at the expense of fellow dancehall artiste, Alkaline.

The jeering of the Vendetta boss and his fans started after Masicka, instead of posting a photo of himself playing his father role, posted a video of a large truck overloaded with scores of gleeful-looking young men, swerving to and fro, described it as a ‘gelding truck’ and called for his fans to tag all men who were not yet fathers.

“Me waa tag some a the crocs dem.  Gelding truck out,” Masicka, a father of one, wrote in his caption of the video which was liked by just under 18,500 followers including new father Usain Bolt.

Most of Masicka’s fans laughed and tagged their childless male friends, while many of them took the joke in good-natured humor, saying the truck should pick them up along with their friends, or said the truck should wait so they could hop onto it.

But it was Alkaline that received the brunt of the ‘gelding’ jokes, as the 26-year-old has not yet become a father, despite most of his songs being sexually explicit.

According to Masicka’s ‘crocs’, Alkaline was the driver of the gelding truck, and they were sure he was the one the Grandfather singer was referring to in his comments.  The fans urged Masicka to tag the Ocean Wave artiste.

“Nuh mek eh pass detta boss gate,” one fan formula_film said amidst four smiley face emoticons, while _jordaine announced: “Alka truck that.”

Some very forward fans chose to tag Alkaline in their comments, and demand that he go and start to procreate, as, according to them, it was “full time now”.

The comments got crazier when jhazer_carsposted: “The whole vendetta” and dontae_official_westbank out another dancehall act Intence in the mix and jeered: “a who give Alkaline license?  Look like a all Intence a di conductor”.

They were supported by supa_dreadz who chimed in: “well, today muss ruff pon @manhimself inbox.  Me sure ah him dat hold on pon di front door (of the truck),” he teased.

While some of the youngsters clamored that they had to jump off the ‘gelding truck’, there was one voice of reason in the form of_keseno who urged: “man dem don’t take nuh boost… don’t run go take up what you can’t manage.”

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In addition, there were some fans, however, who berated Masicka for making what they considered to be highly irresponsible statements, claiming Alkaline was still young and there was no shame in him waiting until he was more mature before becoming a father.

One follower topman.shaquille reprimanded the artiste, who like Alkaline turns 27 in December, for using his platform to lead young Jamaican men astray.

“You sing song abut they don’t know your story, stay strong etc and you posting stuff about gelding?  Encouraging youths to do folly?  And you yourself know the struggle as a ghetto youth, y’all have to think before acting.  SMH,” he stated.

The few women who commented on the post though had a barrage of admonitions for Masicka, some of them labeling him ‘watchie-sperms’.

One woman, claimed he was not providing financial support, while another official-gal-gal, hurled insults at him, claiming he was not the father of the child he had claimed as his own.

“Masicka move u blood c___.  A jacket you a mine so don’t feel too special and think Fathers Day really go fi u,” she wrote, while Michealjames300 posted: “Big Big Fathers Day and ‘Mosquito’ a worry bout next man sperm.  Go look a hit song!”

source: dancehallmag


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