The Manchester police on Sunday foiled a murder in the community of Greenvale, killing one of the gunmen involved in the plot.

Another gunman was arrested, and a weapon reportedly seized.

According to the police, about 2:30 p.m, they received information that men armed with guns were heading to Greenvale to commit a murder.

The gunmen ran into nearby bushes and challenged the police who returned the fire killing one of them.

He has been identified as Andrew Anthony Chambers of Farm district in Spur Tree, Manchester.

The police say one cop was injured in the crossfire when a bullet hit his ballistic vest.

He was visibly shaken as the police took control of the scene. 

The police say they immediately responded and intercepted the gunmen at a section of the Winston Jones Highway near the entrance to Greenvale.

Another cop was injured by a piece of stick.

Both have since received medical attention.

Meanwhile, the second gunman is now in police custody.

The police are probing reports that a third gunman was involved.

Videos taken by onlookers show the police removing the body of one of the men over barbed wires while the other was being guarded by a cop in plain clothes.


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