A defence attorney in the multimillion-dollar Manchester Municipal Corporation fraud trial yesterday questioned the police’s handling of the investigation.

Attorney Delford Morgan, who represents co-accused Edwardo and Mrytle Elliott, suggested to a police witness attached to the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency that his investigations were not sufficient and lacked proper procedural elements.

Under cross-examination, the witness affirmed that accused persons in the case are charged with possession and retention of stolen property.

The witness was then asked if it was his duty to find these properties and if he had supervisory authority of the case.

He said he investigated some aspects of the case but was not the lead investigator.

Earlier, Attorney Norman Godfrey, who represents former Deputy Superintendent of Roads and Works Sanja Elliott; his wife, TashaGaye Goulbourne-Elliott; and Elliott’s caretaker, Dwayne Sibbles, questioned the witness about his handling of documents and his role in laying charges.

Godfrey suggested that it was not true when the witness testified previously that he visited Sanja Elliott at the Hunts Bay Police lock-up.

However, he disagreed.

Meanwhile, the handwriting expert returned to the witness stand and went through the lengthy process of validating documents handed over to the defence by the prosecution.

On Tuesday, the prosecution presented a number of redacted documents which they plan to use as evidence in the case.
The trial continues today.


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