A man who portrayed himself as a male cross-dresser was shot dead by a licensed firearm holder during an alleged attempted robbery on Old Hope Road in St Andrew on Monday.

The deceased has only been identified by his alias, ‘Gabriel’.

He is believed to have been among a group of cross-dressing criminals who have been frequently robbing law-abiding persons over the years in sections of the Corporate Area, mainly in St Andrew.

It was reported that on Monday at about 9 pm, a man was driving along Old Hope Road when he stopped at a traffic light.

He was then reportedly pounced upon by a robber who tried to snatch a pouch from the driver’s hand.

The motorist then pulled his licensed firearm and opened fire, hitting the robber, who attempted to escape the scene, but was apprehended.

The injured suspect was pronounced dead at hospital.

Since news of the shooting incident emerged, some persons have been hailing the efforts of the firearm holder which resulted in the alleged robber being neutralised.

The deceased, who often actually portrayed himself as a cross-dressing thief, was believed to be from a group of men who are known to reside in sections of the gully network in the Corporate Area.

A video with the letters ‘RIP’ spilled across the screen has surfaced featuring the alleged robber, showcasing his days as a self-styled hairdresser on Princess Street in downtown Kingston.

In the video, he was giving an interview about his ‘profession.’

Meanwhile, the police are probing the fatal shooting incident.


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