Veteran Dancehall selector Tony Matterhorn is adamant that he will not apologize for his recent ‘Verzuz’ comments with comedian Majah Hype.  Last week, Matterhorn condemned Bounty Killerand Beenie Man for opting to perform on the Verzuz platform instead of events such as his quarantine party series, branding them, as among other things, sell-outs.

Matterhorn and Hype’s comments had been met with disappointment by the organizer of the series, Swizz Beatz.  This was again evident when Beatz took notice of Majah’s entry to the live showdown on Saturday (May 23) and commented, “@majahhype I see you in the Zone huh! Don’t ever disrespect our zone King! I still f— with you but you and Tony lost y’all mind!!! Enjoy the Zone.

”Swizz, in a post-event conversation yesterday morning with Timbaland, reiterated that Matterhorn and Hype ought not to disrespect Verzuz or the two dancehall legends for their collaborative effort. “You digress when you don’t celebrate greatness.  But don’t ever come on our platform and disrespect Verzuz when we are giving life back to life,” Swizz had said.

Majah Hype and Swizz would later bury the hatchet on an Instagram Live yesterday.

During that discussion, the comedian told the producer that he was happy for the amount of highlight that he received from his name even being mentioned in the whole rumpus. At the same time, Swizz encouraged him to use the exposure as leverage to advance his own entertainment career.

But on Sunday, Matterhorn was in a militant mood.   He argued on his posts that he was asleep and did not watch the live stream of the Beenie vs. Bounty clash.  He also declared in no uncertain terms, that he was never going to apologize for his statements as some of his followers were demanding that he do.

“A me pay mi own bills.  Oonu eva si Swizz Beatz dem sen one bl**dclaat cheque come round a mi yard?  Suh how oonu waa come tell mi seh mi caan seh wha mi waa seh.  A who oonu a chat tuh?  My talk weh mi talk ova my page.  Mi neva guh ova yuh page guh diss yuh,” he shouted on his Instagram live yesterday.

Matterhorn, in his usual brazen style, rebuffed suggestions by followers that his comments had come out of jealousy.

“Mi neva know bout dem fckin suppm.  Suh how mi fi vex.  How mi a guh vex when I nat even know bout dem suppm.   Suh wha mi fi apologize fah? Apologize to oonu dutty mumma pssy? Apologize to who? When? Inna which worl?   Mi neva eva a guh apologise to nuhbaddy! For what? Yuh a bl**dclaat God?  Oonu move oonu b*mboclaat, bout apologize,” Matterhorn said.

Later that day, the veteran selector made a post on his Instagram claiming that all was well and “the link still strong and everything criss” between himself and the Verzuz camp.  Nevertheless, some followers were still displeased and said he was trying to save face and avoid apologizing.

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The link still strong and everything criss ✊🏾

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“I don’t think no link still strong…Only an apology might fix this. You disgraced us. Not a good look for you.  Swiss n dem will never see you the same either. It’s actually making u look pathetic. Many years ago we all loved Matterhorn for your work. Now this tracing and chatterbox side on social media is so unattractive,” tamarakind4 told him.

However, Matterhorn would not relent and declared: “Well such is life and mi not apologizing so do ur next best.  I wasn’t born with no begging.”

Beenie Man and Bounty Killer both put on superb performances on the Verzuz show on Saturday night, which has been touted as the best match-up so far in the series.

The Verzuz clashes, which started in March, enable musical heavyweights from various genres with a catalogue of at least 20 songs that are considered hits to square off, hit for hit live on Instagram.


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