Vybz Kartel has continued his broadside against persons who are speaking out against the endorsement of his 15-year-old son Likkle Addi’s impregnation of an 18-year-old girl, labeling his detractors as religious bigots.

The incarcerated Dancehall artiste’s latest rant came in a repost of an iconoclastic meme first posted by Downsound producer Cordell’ Skatta’ Burrell on Instagram, which compared Likkle Addi’s fatherhood with the Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus whom Skatta said was 14 years old when she gave birth.

Skatta’s offending post, which shows an image of him seated with a look of skepticism on his face, had the words “I see people worshipping a God that impregnated 14-year-old Mary, yet they have issues with Kartel becoming a granddaddy” inscribed on it as well as the caption: “World filled with hypocrites and pretenders”.

Kartel’s verified Instagram account responded to Skatta’s post noting sarcastically: “Skatta, and here I was all this time thinking it was only Elvis! FAAAAAAAAAAKKKK!!!!!”

Dancehall fans did not take kindly to Skatta’s blasphemy, and fans verbally mauled him, raining a barrage of insults down on his head.

Having commented on Skatta’s page before making the repost, Kartel, obviously seeing the onslaught on his Calabar High School compatriot, sought to protect himself from a similar slew of condemnatory remarks from believers in God, by turning off comments on his version which he had captioned: “Sh– lemme turn the comments off. I forgot most black people are religious zealots. No wonder we are the only race enslaved by two different races, totaling 1,400 years and counting. (+ loading #conqueredbythechinese). Sorry folks, forgot you’re still idiots.”

Despite Kartel’s efforts to evade a verbal battering, one Christian believer who got wind of his comment on Skatta’s page turned directly on him like an archangel in battle, claiming he was trying to use reverse psychology to take attention away from his folly.

“Vybz Kartel, you are happy he is using God to justify your son out of the backlash.   Other kids face it.  Why shouldn’t he?   You are going to feel the repo for this in a couple of year.  Play with fire you get burn.  Thought you would have learnt your lesson,” Higher_medz said.

Other followers said Skatta was only trying to ingratiate himself to Kartel so he could be in the limelight, while some said even though they respected the Worl’ Boss as an artiste, they would not condone his stance on teenage parenting.

“Yuh only a look a feature from Kartel… me hate ppl weh talk suh,” soap_t_best said, whil starwatchr444 cautioned: “Two wrongs don’t make a right breda. No one have a problem with Kartel we just don’t want teen pregnancy to become a trend in our communities”.

Another follower rashielfella also sought to be the voice of reason, noting that Jamaica has laws that prohibit sexual activity involving minors.

“Skatta, the main issue here is that a 14 year old Mary was legal at the time. A 15 year old Palmer Jnr is illegal, based on laws of the land. And, that’s where I have a problem. My point is not about u believing there is a God, yes or no. That’s a matter of opinion,” he said.

“But where I find it hypocritical, is bcuz it’s a boy he is praised and seen as he did something worthy. But if it was a girl at 15 then someone would be charged with statutory rape. That’s where I see the double standards,” he added.


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