Dancehall’s ‘Top Doll’, Ishawna, has signed a deal with international floral arrangement brand Luxury Roses. The partnership will see ‘Miss Legendary’ becoming the face of the brand in Jamaica as they expand their global reach. In an interview with The Gleaner, Ishawna revealed that having turned down several endorsements from other corporate brands throughout her career, she decided to say yes to this one as she felt it connected well with her brand. She says that so far, she has been integral in the creative process of the floral company and that great things are on the horizon as the partnership blooms.

Luxury Roses is a new company that’s branching off in Jamaica and you know me always festive and like nice things, so when they contacted me, I was like ‘sure’. The thing with me is that I always get offers to do endorsements and collaborations with various companies. They contact me all the time, but I am very choosy in what I associate myself with because apart from being a raunchy dancehall artiste, I really take pride in fashion and nice things; and so if your brand does not represent that then I don’t want to be a part of it,” she said. “But this partnership was different. From the moment they sent the email to my team I was very excited. I knew I wanted to be a part of the brand because everything about it is Ishawna. Luxury represents legendary and legendary lives on, just like the roses live on for two years.”


The entertainer expressed that since agreeing to sign on as Luxury Roses’ brand ambassador, she has played an integral part in the creative process for the floral arrangements she will represent. She said the latter is proof that she made the right decision accepting the deal. “I was never really the type of artiste that was excited about being affiliated with a lot of corporate brands, because I felt like they would want to change me and the core of who I am, and I wasn’t gonna give that up. So if mi a go affiliate wid a brand and mi nah go get fi be festive, it’s not worth it for me, but this one is different,” she said. “It’s not just a brand and I am the face of it. They have allowed me to be creative, from handpicking certain roses to putting together certain arrangements, I was part of the process. This is something different for Ishawna and I am very excited about this partnership. They have so much in store, and it’s going to be unique and different. It’s going to take over Jamaica.”


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