Social media was buzzing on Friday night after Konshens responded to I-Octane trolling his new ring.

I-Octane first uploaded a video vibing to his new song “Plutocrat” with fellow entertainer Demarco at a local event in Kingston, Jamaica. The Hot Ras’ “Badman nuh bore nose” line in the Aicon Records-produced single is said to be directed at Konshens.

After seeing I-Octane and Demarco’s video going viral on Friday, Konshens took to his Instagram story to call out his longtime rival saying that all Octane’s hits are about men, boys or pants.

Konshens then proceeded to sing a slew of I-Octane’s hits to prove his point. Watch I-Octane and Demarco’s video and Konshen’s response below.


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