What started as a fashion statement has turned into a partnership between New York-based fashion designer Thom Browne and Grammy artist Koffee who was featured on the Highsnobiety’s “Not in Paris” online exhibition on Monday.

In January, Jamaican Reggae singer and songwriter Koffee turned up at the red carpet reception after her Grammy win in a classic black tuxedo and matching overcoat by the fashion designer.  Now their relationship has evolved into a collaboration that saw Koffee performing one of her unreleased singles in Jamaica for the exhibition.

This time she’s decked out in Thom Browne, the designer label says. “A suitcase full of Thom Browne’s clothing was sent to Jamaica; creative direction, filming and post-production all happened within a week, and the result is phenomenal.”

In explaining the process behind the partnership, Browne explains, “I liked the idea of doing something interesting and individual, and new for me. I wanted it to be more of an image piece than a fashion piece, this was most important. I didn’t want it to fit into a season, I wanted to show how my collection evolved, not in the fashion world, but in the [real] world,” a statement posted on Highsnobiety’s website quoted the designer.


Koffee’s video is summer-themed and filmed in a rustic background of an old-time house surrounded by greenery, that gives a real country style feeling, complete with the chassis of a car, and a little goat tied tethered to a fence and munching on scrubs.

Koffee performed her original unrecorded single Pressure, a relatable theme song that seems to focus on the pressure everyone is facing and a lyrical encouragement to never give up nor give in and send up a prayer.  Watch it below.

Koffee is seen wearing a pinstriped gray tux with matching oversized blazer and pants that cut off at her ankles with a matching tie and plain inside shirt. She’s seen wearing some lovely black and white loafers, and it appears that she is also wearing shades of bronze makeup and highlighter that is subtle, offering an accentuation of her naturally glowing skin.

Koffee has always had a unique style that is more favored by male reggae artists, and she has come under criticisms by a faction of reggae fans who are unused to her style on a woman, although she favors the look of a Rastafarian with carefully twisted locks that are neatly styled in various ways. Nevertheless, Koffee has cemented herself as a household name in Jamaica, along with her unique style that is often militant.

She addressed the criticism upon returning to Jamaica after winning the Grammy Award. “I wanted an outfit I knew I could wear all day, still feel good and confident in, and that suit represented that for me after I tried a few. I am a person who dresses to be comfortable; I did not allow the Grammy Awards name and won’t allow the title to stop me from doing that,” she said at a press briefing.

Either way, many praise the 19-year old who is the youngest woman to have won a Grammy since 1985 as well as the first woman to have won the prestigious Best Reggae Album and youngest person to have done so. Many have praised her choice of style and music types in comparison to the more raunchy lyrics that are popular out of  Jamaica by other females mainly concentrated in the dancehall fora.

Highsnobiety is a German-based global entertainment and multimedia brand that covers the latest fashion trends and streetwear. It focuses on fashion, art, music, and culture, with some of the most exclusive in brands not available anywhere else, found on its online store.

Source: dancehallmag


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