A Grade 11 student of Knox College in Spalding on the Manchester/Clarendon border is suspected to have drowned at a beach in Priory, St Ann on Saturday.

The deceased has been identified as 17-year-old Kingsley Campbell of Sterling district in Calderwood, St Ann.

Police reports are that about 4.49 pm, Campbell was at the beach with a relative when he complained of feeling ill.

The relative reportedly left to purchase food and on return, Campbell could not be found.

Further reports are that Campbell’s clothes were later found along the beach and an alarm was raised.

His lifeless body was subsequently pulled from the water.

The body was removed to the morgue and a post-mortem examination is to be conducted at a later date.

The confirmation of Campbell’s death came from Principal of Knox College, Alexander Bourne, through a message that he wrote on social media site, Facebook.

“The Knox College family lost a grade 11 student this evening (Saturday). It is with a sense of great loss that I confirm our worst fear is true. Kingsley Campbell passed away today.

“This is painful for all of us, but more so, for his family. I pray his soul finds peaceful rest and will rise again in eternal glory. Let us keep his family in our prayers,” Bourne wrote.

His message added that “I am praying for all of you.

“This is a most difficult day. Your questions may not find answers in this moment, but rest assured that God is present and in charge.

“The peace of God be with you my children. I love you all – Principal Bourne,” concluded the message.

Several posts were also made by individuals who celebrated the life of the deceased teenager, while offering condolences to his family and friends.

“Can’t believe this. Jah know you never deserve this Kingsley. Is just last week Tuesday me ask for you and by yesterday (Saturday) you gone without saying goodbye. The memories just keep playing over and over in my head. Can’t cry, my heart is bleeding over this. Rest in peace, gone but memories will still be in my mind and heart. Jah know,” wrote one of his friends on Facebook.

Another Facebook user wrote: “Sincerest condolences to his immediate family and his school family. May God give you all the strength you need to go on during this difficult time.”


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