The community of Bray Street, along Elletson Road in Kingston, is irate, following the shooting and killing of 24-year-old Jevaughn ‘Tall Man’ Duhaney on Saturday night, reportedly by a member of the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF).

It is reported that around 7:45 p.m., Duhaney was fatally shot on his verandah by a soldier while he ate a bun and cheese and a sausage.

Antoinette Montague, 28, his friend and neighbour, narrowly escaped the same fate – she was shot and injured in the arm while standing beside him.

While Montague mourns the ‘unfair’ death of her friend, she thinks about how things could’ve gone much worse.

“Me just put down me baby! Me put the baby pon the bed and come round back. Me did have me baby inna me hand … Suppose me did still have me baby inna me hand?” she questioned with panic all over her face.

“Dem nuh seh not a word to we… Dem just come a di wall and me hear ‘boom!’ Me just hear the whole a me ears a whistle and me never realise seh me get shot until me reach round and feel me hand a hurt me. When everybody take a stop, we realise seh Jevaughn missing. A so we realise seh him get shot,” she told THE STAR. “When me look, him lay down in a pool a blood, with the bun and sausage pon the ground.”

Everyone was baffled

Montague says after the shooting, the soldier ran into the yard shouting ‘Weh di boy deh? Weh di boy run gone?’ She said everyone was baffled as no one entered the yard. Up to that point, she was unaware that she was shot.

“Me baby father seh to me ‘A shot yuh get, enuh!’ By the time me look down, a bare blood start run from me hand. One a dem (soldier) follow me come round inna the yard and all me a seh me get shot him nah pay me no mind. Nobody neva run inna the yard. A just five a we alone did in here.”

She was then rushed to the hospital when police showed up to the scene.

Natasha Dixon, Duhaney’s aunt, told THE STAR that she was inside her house when she heard the shot. She was then called by a friend who told her the tragic, disheartening news about her nephew.

“I was in the house when I heard the shot, then when I came outside, the place was swarmed with police and soldiers so I couldn’t come out. I got a phone call from a friend and that’s how I heard. Me nah lie to yuh, me turn total idiot same time,” she said.

“Him quiet. Him no talk much. Him go to work, then is straight from work to home. One time him woulda come and sit outside, but since him meet a nice young lady, yuh hardly see him. Yuh hardly even see him come stand up outside. His girlfriend went to her mom nine night… and hear sey him dead. That is the reason he was outside to get something to eat … because she wasn’t here.”

Following the incident, law enforcement officers encamped in the community, allowing no one to move around.

Dixon says her sisters and mother are having a hard time accepting the death of the eldest of her three children.

“I spoke with his mother this morning and she was crying. It’s like she nuh come to her sense yet either.


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