Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) says it has increased its engagement of Jamaican chambers of commerce to encourage enterprises to use the agency’s services.

JAMPRO noted that it has already engaged six chambers of commerce across the island, with more planned for early 2020.

According to JAMPRO, chambers of commerce in Trelawny, Savanna-La-Mar, Hanover, May Pen and St Mary have already met with the agency to discuss various business-related challenges, and the investment and export opportunities needed in those areas.

The agency said major areas of interest include investment in outsourcing, tourism, agribusiness and housing, as well as business capacity building and export opportunities.

JAMPRO president Diane Edwards said this engagement was crucial to facilitate more business across the island, and to give persons a clearer understanding of how the agency can help them to achieve their business goals.

She said it would demystify JAMPRO’s role in the economy, and will provide an opportunity for enterprises to connect with the agency.

“Going into 2020 we want entrepreneurs and enterprises to understand that JAMPRO is not only for international investors and buyers – we are a channel for business to take place and a critical part of that happening is the local business community. With these engagements we aim to have a better understanding of what is needed by our people, and how we can facilitate these requests to turn them into wealth creation opportunities. We will be intensifying these activities and JAMPRO will be engaging more chambers of commerce and business organisations on the eastern and central parts of the island in the next year,” Edwards said.


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