A petition has been launched in the United Kingdom, which is aimed at stopping the deportation of Twane Morgan, former Commonwealth soldier in the British Army

Morgan is being sent back to Jamaica despite his service in the army.

Launched by Zita Holbourne on Change.org, the petition has so far received nearly 70,000 of the 75,000 signatures that are targeted. It is aimed at getting British Prime Minister Theresa May and the Home Secretary Sajid Javid to keep Morgan in Britain.

Morgan first went to the  UK in 2003 as a visitor. He joined the British Army as a Commonwealth soldier in the next year. He did two tours in Afghanistan and remained in the army until 2007 when he was discharged due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Despite serving in the army, Morgan does not have British citizenship. He, however, has five children and his long-term partner, who all live in the UK.

Morgan was ordered deported from the UK in December 2014 after serving three years in prison on assault charges. He insisted that he was defending himself against his ex-partner’s father who had attacked him with a hammer.

“The courts have accepted that when Twane left the army he was not clear which paperwork to fill out so he did not pursue British citizenship. Twane has been left with no immigration status and deemed to be an overstayer. Judges at his appeal and the High Court have expressed pity and regret that there is no redress for him under the law,” the petition said.

Morgan is set to be sent back to Jamaica on a flight on February 15.


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