Dancehall artiste Jahvillani rang in 2021 with a new, visibly lighter look.

The artiste’s new look seems to complement his latest song entitled Bleaching Cream which he dropped today, January 12.

On the track, Jahvillani tells fans that he ‘rubs on his bleaching cream’, a practice he rhymes has made him popular with the ladies.

In the new tune, he not only endorses bleaching but encourages fans to use high quality products, noting that inferior quality products are responsible for skin damage.

Cheap bleaching make kin bun up, so me check arcade for the product

Pull over, pull on when the sun up – you nuh see me skin white like coco

He continues: Whole a St James every Kingstonian know seh bleaching cream never kill no one

While the subject matter is not new, some have harshly criticised the song for promoting bleaching.

“What happened to “fi mi killa dem nuh bleach wid cream,” asked one fan upon hearing the new song on Instagram.

“KMT,” added another clearly upset IG user.

Others thought Jahvillani was making a last ditch effort to stay relevant.

“Wen u run out of songs to make lol clout,” said one IG user.

“If a dirt den a dirt enuh! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥,” added another.


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