Jada Kingdom seemingly took shots at fellow Dancehall entertainer Shenseea and her former best friend.

Details still remains sketchy over the reported incident, but several Dancehall fans are claiming that the “ShenYeng Anthem” singer got into a brawl while attending a popular River Party.

Seems Jada Kingdom who was once friends with Shenseea got wind of the rumours and took to Twitter to drop a few cryptic messages. “I’m so happy i stay to myself,” Kingdom wrote. “Been a tell dem from long rawse time seh you addi fakest person mi eva meet inna mi life! Well mi glad dem wake up now.”

“Welp if mi have a “best friend” weh have 4 other “real day ones” for years! and she and all a dem fall out fi foolishness den why mi aguh stick around?,” she continued. “Caz if mi blink too fast she aguh seh mi cut mi eye and she just need one of her yes man dem fi seh yes a true and a IT dat!”

View Jada Kingdom’s Tweets below.

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#JadaKingdom glad y’all woke now 😴😳

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