Jada Kingdom is staying clear of the drama surrounding Shenseea.

Despite taking jabs at the Romeich Entertainment artiste on Twitter earlier this week, the “Love Situations” singer went live on Instagram to tell fans that she doesn’t know a Dancehall artiste named Shenseea.

Kingdom said while she was friends with Chinsea Lee (Shenseea’s given name), she is yet to crossed paths with the “Blessed” singjay.

“You see unu artiste Shenseea, me nuh know her,” Jada Kingdom said. “Me know Chinsea Lee! So whoever is Shenseea, deh new person deh, deh manufactured person deh weh unu a support or whatever, mi nuh know her, mi never meet her a day inna mi life.”

“Unu can ask her, from Shenseea buss mi nuh see her, but Chinsea Lee me know her. That is the girl weh mi did love and rate and that was my friend.”

Jada Kingdom once again assured Dancehall fans that she was unaware of anyone by the name of Shenseea and asked them to desist from calling their names together, “She nuh inna my way, mi nuh inna fi her way, mi mother a eat mi family a eat, everybody over my side good,” she continued.

View a snippet from Jada Kingdom’s live below.


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