After the initial butterflies and endless late night conversations, sometimes life, work and everyday obligations intervene and you can’t see the person you love as often as you’d like.

Communication in a relationship is important to its success but how much is too much when texting?

You still need to communicate and so we often resort to texting as it’s quick, easy and convenient. But how often is appropriate? And when you do text, what should you say and can texting tell as much about someone as actual face-to-face conversations?

Most relationship experts agree on one thing: you need to stay in contact and communicate in order to make the relationship grow. Communication must not seem like a job or chore. You need to figure out what are your partner’s communication needs and style from early.

Text do not call for a Netflix and chill or booty call
Daily communication can cover a wide array of topics from the day’s happenings to more serious issues you’d like to discuss.

Some people are fine with a quick “Good morning, beautiful” or “Hey handsome, you slept well?” and that takes them throughout the day or at least to lunch time. Sending a text is a good way for your mate to know that you are thinking of them and it can also heighten the suspense until you actually physically get to see them. You may send everything from information on your day to sweet nothing about how happy you are to have them in your life and how much you miss them.

How often you text can depend on the newness or the length of your relationship. Some relationship coaches advise not to bombard the person with text throughout the day, especially if they have demanding jobs that keep them busy; are not allowed to use their phones during work hours or have careers that require focus and concentration hence phones can be a distraction that can be costly.


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