The Manchester police are on the hunt for a 38-year-old taxi operator accused of the attempted murder of his 16-year-old girlfriend.

The police say about 3p.m on Thursday, the girl, along with her two siblings took the taxi of the man with whom she has been intimately involved.

While travelling from Trout Hall, Clarendon to Christiana, Manchester, the taxi driver reportedly asked to see the young girl’s phone and began accusing her of cheating on him.

Later in the journey, the girl allegedly told the driver that their relationship was over and asked that she be allowed to get out of the vehicle.

It is reported that the driver hit the woman in the face and then shoved her from the moving vehicle.

In an attempt to force him to stop the car, the young woman’s brother attacked him and squeezed his throat.

The driver then stopped the vehicle and fled.

The young girl who sustained head injuries was unconscious.

She was rushed to the Percy Junor Hospital where she remains in a stable but serious condition. 


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