According to inside sources, Huawei is going to introduce a revolutionary new laptop on August 19. The revolutionary part is the display. It will feature 3K resolution and razor-thin bezels.

Huawei to introduce a notebook with floating display, Honor focuses on the budget

And by razor-thin bezels, we really do mean razor-thin. The report claims that Huawei is calling it “floating full-screen” design without any bezels. It would break the constraints of the physical frame and offer immersive and clear visuals.

And as for Honor, the same source points at a new MagicBook SE targeted at office users and students who are looking for something on a budget. However, the MagicBook SE won’t be announced on the same event and will eventually be revealed during a separate event in the near future.

Source 1 * Source 2 (both in Chinese)


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