During a press event in Shenzhen, Huawei discussed the future of the Mate X and we have some good news and some bad ones. The foldable phone’s release date has been pushed back from September to November and the phone will have a slightly tweaked design.

There are still some challenges to overcome, so Huawei is taking it slowly to ensure a smooth launch in November. Some of the refinements include an altered Falcon hinge and a slimmer power button.

Huawei Mate X coming in November, a follow-up is in the works

The good news is Huawei also shared its plans for a successor, which is due to come out as early as next year. It will have more screens by swapping out the metal back with a glass one and fitting more usable area there.

So while most markets probably won’t get a Mate X in time for the holidays, next year should see the foldable phone race properly heat up.



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