The Huawei Mate 20 Pro joined the Android Q Beta program in early May, just to be dropped two weeks later following the trade ban that the US imposed on the maker. Now the flagship was reinstated by Google, leaving a bit of hope for Huawei owners that they might receive the major software update in time.

Screenshot from Android Q Beta website

Last Friday Google erased all traces of Huawei phones on its database – Android, Android Enterprise, and Android Q Beta. We are yet to see any of them return to the first of two platforms. When Huawei began recruiting participants, it was limited to Google Play app developers from Central and Eastern Europe. Builds should be issued every Tuesday and Thursday until June 30.

It is really interesting to see how this unfolds. Google lifted its ban on devices from the manufacturer for 90 days, but unless the trade war between the two biggest economies is resolved, Huawei is expected to stay in limbo. To cover any losses, executives in Shenzhen say there is an in-house OS in development, but it will hardly solve all problems.



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