Sharon James, the mother of Tesha Miller, the convicted alleged leader of the notorious Clansman gang, has stated that his much publicized murder trial that ended with a unanimous guilty verdict on Tuesday, was unfair.

However, she appears to have sought comfort in the fact that the reputed ‘don’ is still alive.

Miller was found guilty in the June 2008 murder of then Chairman of the state-owned Jamaica Urban Transit Company (JUTC), Douglas Chambers. Specifically, he was convicted of being an accessory before and after the fact of murder.

The trial that got underway on November 13 ended with a unanimous verdict from the seven-member jury shortly after 2 pm. The feared criminal convict now faces life in prison. He is to be sentenced on January 9.

Miller allegedly ordered the murder of JUTC chairman Douglas Chambers in June 2008.%MCEPASTEBIN%

James, who spoke with the media as she exited the Supreme Court building on King Street in downtown Kingston shortly after the verdict was announced, expressed surprise at her son’s conviction.

“It (the conviction) can’t be good. It can’t be good because knowing that. Well, life is like this so it can’t be good,” James said shortly after her son was taken away to the court’s holding area.

Without elaborating, James said the case was “unfairly done” but she comforted herself by saying; “but I bless God because I have him.”

It was not clear what James meant by ‘because I have him’. However, she has lost at least three children to gang violence and the police have linked their killings to a bitter internal feud for control of the Clansman gang whose bloody reign of terror the police have blamed for numerous murders.

On December 8, 2011 James’ 23-year-old daughter, Renase James, a nurse, was shot while travelling in a taxi near De la Vega City in the old capital.

The police reported that James was travelling in the taxi when gunmen drove up in a white motor vehicle and opened fire, hitting her and the driver. She succumbed to her injuries the following morning in hospital.

Less than two weeks later, the feared Narvardo Hodges, a top lieutenant and reported hitman in the gang, who it was believed killed James, was beheaded after he was shot in the forehead. His body was left near the Spanish Town bypass while his head was left at the nearby Sagicor complex.

James was to suffer a double tragedy in 2015 while the police were also forced to quell rumours that she herself had been shot and killed as the inter-gang war raged on.

On January 6, 2015, Tesha’s 33-year-old brother, Craig ‘Gizardo’ Miller was shot and killed along with 17-year-old Oral Wright on March Pen Road, Spanish Town.

According to reports, sometime after 9 pm, Miller and Wright were among a group of men at a house on March Pen Road, when armed men forced their way in and opened fire hitting them.

Miller and Wright were pronounced dead at the scene while another man who was shot and injured was taken to hospital.

And on April 27, 2015, Tesha’s brother Kishawn ‘Gizmo’ Miller was shot and killed by unknown assailants at a tyre shop shortly after 8am in the vicinity of March Pen Road and the Spanish Town bypass.

Shortly after Kishawn was killed, the St Catherine North police moved to quell rumors that James and another of her daughters had been killed.

Gang members have long battled each other for the lucrative extortion racket in Spanish Town and its environs that has bilked businesses and operators of public passenger vehicles of tens of millions of dollars.

Meanwhile, in 2017, James and another of her sons, Harden Miller, took the government to court over the police seizure of two motor vehicles in March 2016.

In the suit filed against the Attorney General, the two were seeking the return of their 2006 Tacoma Truck and their 2007 Honda Accord motorcar.

James was seeking damages for trespass on her premises, and the two claimants also sought constitutional and vindicatory damages. Additionally, they were claiming more than $500,000 and interest in special damages for loss of use of the motor vehicles.

The two were represented by attorney-at-law Bert Samuels who represented Miller in his just concluded trial.


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