Dancehall artiste Gold Gad finally has a car to match his name, and yes its gold!

While Christmas may have been scaled financially back for many in 2020 it was anything but for Gold Gad.
The often extravagant deejay took to Instagram over the weekend to show off his brand new gold AMG C-Class Benz.

According to the entertainer, 2020 was very good to him as he received tremendous support from fans.

“It was a beautiful Christmas. I mean mi coulda never deh pan no naughty list because mi deh pan the beautiful list. Santa say we nah do no good innu and him nah bring me no gift, but we just went and got it ourselves. Mi buy it so it would come in time for the reveal for Christmas Day. It was my Christmas project, my present from my beautiful people,” he said.

Gold Gad was also quick to pint out the source of his funding, presumably before any assumptions could be made.

“How I afforded this was really savings, you know. What I did was save the money from my YouTube streaming, and of course the Gold Gad hub contributions. Mi just pile dem up and do so ‘bups,’ and spend the millions.”

The entertainer did not disclose exactly how much it cost him, but did reveal it was a pretty penny.

“It cost me like three point supmn million to clear it, When me a drive go a custom me a say me coulda just drive go inna one car mart and buy another likkle BMW or supmn,” he laughed.

While some may blast the deejay as making a foolish purchase he sees it quite differently.

“But mi say anyways, it’s for show, and it was worth it because me a do things like the rapper dem a foreign. Dem (artiste) out here just a do things regular, and a buy any car. Mi a buy supmn weh standout.”

The standout ride is sure to turn heads but also could capture the wrong kind of attention. However, Gold Gad said he is not worried about this as he is always adequate security.

“I am not poor. I can afford security and so I don’t roll alone,” he said. “If yuh look in front me and behind me yuh gonna see the team and those people I am rolling with are licensed firearm holders. Plus, where I live is actually gated and have security, yuh can’t just come in and come out, so security up.”


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