A Jamaican gay man reportedly on the cusp of being granted asylum in the United States was remanded into police custody there on Wednesday, after he was charged with fatally stabbing another homosexual at a house party in New York last month.

McKoy Dove, a 23-year-old resident of Bronx, New York, is accused of killing 29-year-old Derrick Williams of Brooklyn, also in New York, on May 29, according to the New York Daily News.

Dove, who is accused of stabbing the victim in his mouth “with a garlic-coated ice pick”, was on the run for close to three weeks, and was apprehended by police earlier this week in Yorktown, New York, which is about 45 miles north of New York City.

The Jamaican was subsequently charged on Wednesday with manslaughter and weapons possession in connection with Williams’ death.

According to reports, sometime after midnight on May 29, the host of a house party, Diego Best, announced that the event, which was described as “a gathering of friends”, was over due to a bottle throwing incident.

Maurice Newman, a 26-year-old from Jamaica, is seeking asylum in the United States. (Photo: Masslive)

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Williams’ boyfriend, Oddain Nixon, reportedly told New York Daily News in an interview that things had become tense at the party due to “the romantic entanglements of Dove and two other guests, leading to a scuffle that escalated quickly.”

After that incident, Dove and Nixon reportedly wound up fighting on the sidewalk. The cause of that fight remains unclear.

“McKoy flew up in my face and started fighting me,” recounted Nixon to New York Daily News.

“Derrick (Williams) didn’t know anything about what was going on. He came out of nowhere and ran right into the ice pick … No one jumped McKoy (Dove). No one ran after McKoy. It just didn’t happen that way,” he further explained.

Dove, who had allegedly befriended Williams sometime before that fateful night, reportedly plunged the ice pick into Williams’ mouth and fled the scene. According to Nixon, the accused “soaked the ice pick in garlic so that the victim wouldn’t feel the impact”, adding  “That’s what they do back home in Jamaica.”

Williams collapsed on the sidewalk, and was assisted to hospital, where he died.

At Dove’s first appearance before the Brooklyn Criminal Court on Wednesday, his attorney, Mihea Kim “described the killing as self-defense”, and explained that her client had been hiding due to death threats he reportedly received.

The lawyer went on to describe Dove’s life, which reportedly involved a myriad of traumatic experiences.

“When he (Dove) was 13 (in Jamaica), his father found out he was gay and beat him with a machete,” Kim said in court, adding that “He was disowned and beaten by his mother and lived on the streets. When he was 19, a group of people shouting homosexual obscenities shot up the house where he was staying, murdering his boyfriend.”

Dove’s attorney reportedly told the court that her client fled Jamaica and went to Panama and Mexico before reaching San Diego, United States, where he sought asylum from authorities.

“He was in a federal detention centre for six months,” Kim noted.

The attorney told the presiding judge that Dove had no previous criminal history. Additionally, she disclosed that he was on the verge of receiving asylum in the US this August, after a three-year process.

The judge later ordered that Dove be held in police custody without bail.

It is not clear when the Jamaican will return to court to answer to the charges laid against him.


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