I remember when I was little every so often my mom would make me “ants on a log” for a snack. The log was a stick of celery spread with peanut butter, and the ants were raisins all lined up on top in a row. We had so much fun with it that I would sometimes sneak into the kitchen to make the little ants myself. Now that I’m a parent I realize that these bug snacks for kids are truly ingenious. It’s one thing if you can get your kid to willingly eat celery. It’s quite another to make a treat so delicious and fun that your kids are begging you for more.

Create Your Own Fruit and Veggie Bug Snacks For Kids

“Ants on a log” is a classic, but over the years it has gotten a little boring. Not to show any disrespect to my mother, of course. (Celery is still one of my favorite vegetables!) But if you’re looking for something just a little bit extra, I’m here to take bug snacks for kids to the next level. So grab your fruits and veggies, pull up a kitchen stool for the little ones, and let’s get creative!

Thank you, Bittany Mueller, so these amazing ideas


5-6 celery stalks

2-3 cucumbers

½ cup cream cheese

½ cup peanut butter (or other nut butter)

1 cup cherry tomatoes (various colors)

1 cup grapes (red and green)

1-2 kiwis

3-4 strawberries

½ cup blueberries

1 large carrot (or a couple of baby carrots)

1 apple

1 can black olives

10 whole cashews

¼ cup raisins (or chocolate chips for an extra treat!)


I suggest you do all the cutting and slicing before inviting your kids to the kitchen to eat bug snacks. It’s a lot easier to avoid all the “I want to cut it!” and “Let me do it!” After everything is cut and ready to go you can either make the bugs yourself as directed or have the kids create their own bugs for a little extra fun.

Bug Logs

Begin by making the bug logs as a base for your tasty creations. Cut the celery stalks into various lengths between 2 and 5 inches. Cut the cucumbers longways and scoop out the seeds to make little boats. Then cut these into various lengths as well. If you have a piping bag you can use this to fill the celery logs with peanut butter for fruity bugs and the cucumber logs with cream cheese for veggie bugs. If like me, you don’t have cake-decorating supplies just lying around the kitchen you can use a regular plastic bag and slice a hole in the corner.

Sweet and Savory Snails

For the head of your snail, you can use a whole grape, cherry tomato, or cashew standing upright at the tip of your log. Put two very thin slivers of carrot or apple behind the head and stick raisins or chocolate chips on the ends with cream cheese for the eyes. For the snail’s shell, use a slice of cucumber or kiwi. Cut the slice in two to make a half circle. Place the slice straight-side down onto the log behind the head. Don’t let him glide away!

Scrumptious Caterpillars

Use a grape or cherry tomato for the head. This time, pipe two small dots of peanut butter or cream cheese on the front and stick either raisins or chocolate chips on top for the eyes. Use a line of halved grapes and cherry tomatoes for the body as well. To turn your caterpillar into a centipede, stick a row of carrot or apple slivers on either side for the legs. Creepy, crawly, and crunchy!

Delectable Dragonflies and Butterflies

Again, use a grape or cherry tomato for the head, similar to the caterpillar. Use slivers of apple or carrot as the antenna. For a fruity butterfly or dragonfly, form the body out of a line of blueberries. For the wings, use four slices of strawberry and put two on either side. To make a veggie version, use a row of halved olives for the body and cucumber slices for the wings. Now they’re ready to fly off the plate and into your kid’s mouth!

Make Snacktime More Like Playtime

If you’re desperate for some way to get your child interested in vegetables this might just be the secret you’ve been searching for. These bug snacks for kids are great for parties, playtime, or just an extra fun snack time. Use the ideas above to make adorable insects or create your own crazy critters. Don’t worry, in this case, it’s perfectly acceptable to play with your food!


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