A day after Buju Banton received flak for declaring he would not wear face masks and that the Jamaican government needed to open up the economy, reggae counterpart Tanya Stephens has seemingly come to his defence. At least on his opinions regarding the economy.

Stephens made a post to Instagram earlier today which said “Buju say enable the masses to earn and oonu vex. Politician ACTUALLY open the country fi election and out deh a campaign oonu good though…”Additionally, the It’s A Pity singer said resistance to thoughts such as Banton’s, which are different from what people have been “force fed” will come from those who need it most.

She said, “When you’re willing to think outside of the narrative you’ve been force fed, the most resistance will come from those who NEED those thoughts the most. Buju say free the people (sheeple) but I’m reminding myself I eat lamb.”

One user said replied that she agreed with Banton’s comments on the economy, but that “when you use them both in the same context and speak of who fi dead, dead….the statement sounds irresponsible and someone in a position of influence on a society with such rampant indiscipline, insensitivity, and inconsiderate behaviours….sorry @iamtanyastephens but that spells a recipe for disaster.”

Reggae artiste Buju Banton yesterday said he would not wear a face mask and insisted the government needed to open up the Jamaican economy.

Another shared, “Then is message was conflated..he said open for the economy so ppl can make make money..then he said man neva mek fi wear mask…open + no masks = who fi dead ago dead…how about open safely…. open + mask = chance to survive and not kill people with pre existing conditions.

However, one seemed to agree with Banton’s statement in full, stating “That’s what most of them don’t get out of the post all them get is the man seh dont wear mask.. and don’t realise the mask is just another for of Control over society.. it’s just the start we all need to be prepared for what’s next to come . I believe the entire thing is just a smoke screen for something bigger.”

Following Banton’s posts yesterday, his daughters Abihail and Jodian Myrie quickly distanced themselves from his comments, encouraging people to wear masks and take precautions against the coronavirus which has infected more than 8,600 Jamaicans.



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