It has been a little more than a month since Nadine Jackson was beaten up by a taxi man after he crashed into her vehicle.

Even though the incident happened weeks ago, Jackson said that she is still in pain.

“Two bones in my nose are broken, and they (the doctors) can’t do anything about it. They say it just have to stay until it set back by itself, which will take approximately three months,” she said.

Although it is hard for her to recall the horrific encounter, she said that she is even more disappointed that she is yet to be compensated for her injuries and the damage to her vehicle.

She explained that on the night of April 1, she was driving her friend from work to Portmore Mall in St Catherine when her car was hit by another vehicle.

“When him (taxi driver) hit me, him never wah stop. When him come out the car him seh: ‘That can compound out.’ I said it couldn’t because the paint was rubbed off. I asked him for the documents, and he said: ‘Just gimme the vehicle mek mi carry it round so, insurance nah sekkle that.’ After me insist, him seh: ‘All right, see it deh.’ I asked him for his drivers licence, and he said that he doesn’t have one; he is driving with a paper,” she said.

Jackson told THE STAR that in a split second, the taxi man started to beat her.

“When I asked for his licence, that is when he got really defensive. Him seh: ‘A wah do dah gyal yah man. A matter of fact, gimme back mi documents.’ He rushed at me and drape me up and thump me in my face,” she said.

“By that time, the people in his car came out and took him off me. My friend came out my car and got a little video clip and ran to call my husband because he worked close by. When they took him off me, I ran to his vehicle, and he ran after me and grabbed me and start kicking me and hitting me in my face,” she said.


The Waterford police confirmed the incident and said that investigations are ongoing.

Despite reporting the matter to the police, Jackson said that there has been no progress in the matter.

She said that the owner for the vehicle was located, but they did not find the driver.

“The owner for the vehicle wasn’t the driver. She said that she doesn’t know his name, she don’t know where he lives, and she doesn’t know anything about him. She said that she is not responsible for my injuries, she is only responsible for the car being fixed,” Jackson said.

“The Thursday, they (the police) called to say that this is the norm for a young girl to rent vehicles without knowing anything about the driver. He said she (the owner of the vehicle) just a go inna the taxi business, and she is only responsible to fix the vehicle. The damage to the vehicle was over $100,000. The vehicle is still there. Nothing has been done since. My nose is still swollen. I can’t touch it.”


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