Controversial Rastafarian reggae artiste, Fantan Mojah, has responded angrily to death threats that were recently issued to him on Instagram following the release of his latest YouTube video, ‘Touch that Body’.

One particular user vowed: “When we hold yuh freak ras, a dirt!”.

Another suggested that “Rasta lost soul… str888 dirt if wi see yuh when wi a patrol”.

But the Stronger singjay seemed unperturbed by the threats.

“Dem can only talk, no bwoy caan see mi inna streets and step to me. Yuh have to have the maroon power, bwoy drop and skin over and dead in front of mi nuh matter how much gun him have,” a confident sounding Fantan Mojah retorted.

“Dem caan threaten mi, dem can only talk, dem ah Internet bad man, no man caan step to mi in the streets. Dem haffi can street fight like me.”

Fantan said he has not filed an official police report regarding the threats over the Internet.

Threats aside, he said he is pleased with the general public reaction to Touch That Body thus far.

“Everybody loves the song, everywhere it ah create a buzz. Suriname, Caribbean, Africa. People love the dancehall side of Fantan Mojah. I had always wanted to go dancehall, but I never found a producer who was confident enough to try the dancehall side of Fantan Mojah until mi meet T from Goals and Golds Production. Ah long time dem know say mi bad,” he said.

Fantan Mojah has recorded a battery of dancehall songs such as ‘Have Dem a Fret’, produced by Krav Music; ‘P—P—m’, produced by dancehall singer, Carlton ‘Ghost’ Hylton; and ‘All Over Again’ for Downsound Records, which are to be released as part of a 12-track EP this summer.

“Even though an EP is supposed to be seven songs, ah 12 mi ah guh. If it’s an album, it would be 15 songs, cause I believe in giving people value for money,” he said.

In recent times, Fantan Mojah has routinely courted controversy. First with his ‘Fire King’ single, which earned fire emojis from Popcaan and other dancehall stars.

However, Fantan earned the ire of talk show host, Mutabaruka, who used his popular radio programme, ‘The Cutting Edge’, to lambast the Stronger artiste about his raunchy music video. Muta said Fire King was in direct opposition to the Rastafarian values of probity and righteousness that Fantan Mojah espoused in the past. The two exchanged barbs and Mutabaruka even threatened to sue Mojah for defamation.

The new video seems destined to generate even more controversy, as several dancehall fans have openly mocked Fantan’s latest creative choices in the salacious video.

“Fantan did something unrasta-like and it gave him some spotlight. He is going to try to ride on the controversy, maybe to the detriment of his career,” one user said.

Another was even more deeply critical of Fantan’s seeming mid-life creative crisis.

“Fantan has reduced himself to a poppy show. This kind of music, aside from his supposed faith, doesn’t suit him. A big old grey beard man singing about p..p.m smacks of desperation. I don’t like the explicitly vulgar lyrics regardless of the artiste, but if anything, Fantan needs to leave it to the younger folks,” another user said.


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