In the beginning of this year reports claimed that Facebook is planning to merge its messaging services, essentially allowing users to communicate seamlessly between WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg confirmed the company has plans to do so but commented that it will not happen any time soon. Noted developer specializing in app reverse engineering Jane Wong, managed to obtain evidence that Facebook app will integrate chat functionality back into the main app. The feature was previously removed back in 2014.

Apart from revealing the integrated messaging functionality, the screenshots show a simplified white design of the Facebook app, dialing down on its signature blue accent color. According to Wong, the upcoming messages section will be limited to simple text conversations while more advanced features like calls and file sharing will still require the Messenger app.

For now, there is no timeframe for the merger so we’ll have to wait for Facebook’s comments but either way, don’t expect the standalone WhatsApp and Messenger apps to go anywhere soon. Facebook’s integration direction seems to be aimed at Apple’s continuity features with iMessage but according to reports is not expected to appear until 2020.



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