Dovey Magnum has sought to address Ishawna’s recent comment.

The Equal Right singers took jabs at Magnum on Sunday when she denied knowing her on Instagram.

Ishawna was having a question session via her Instagram story, when a Dancehall fan asked if she was still friends with Dovey.

“What is a Dovey?,” Ishy responded. “You mean the soap….. as in Dove Soap?.”

Hours later, Dovey Magnum uploaded a photo with a captioned directed to the former Downsound Records singer. “MI NUH SEE YUH B***HHHHHH! Ah wah Christmas 🎄 a come Yuh want A LAAAMA??! Yea yea yea DEM FRAID A MI 🙄! #bawloutnation warning ⚠️ ❗️ #deadHoleB***hPoppySeySTOP😆,” she wrote.


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