Disc jockey Sadiki Kemar Powell has come out to refute claims that he was arrested following an incident between him and a female toll booth collector in Portmore, St Catherine three weeks ago.

Powell said he has been bombarded with text messages and phone calls from friends and family members about the allegations that he spat in the face of the female, and said he wanted to ‘set the record straight’.

“I want to come out and make it clear that I was not arrested. Those reports are not true,” said Powell who says he is also an artiste.

As for the other claims made against him he admitted that he did spit in the direction of the toll booth operator because he was provoked.

He said on the day in question, he drove up to the toll booth and was waiting to pay his toll, when an argument developed between him and the female toll collector.

Powell said during the argument, the toll worker acted in an unprofessional manner, including forcefully handing him his change in a manner that almost caused injury to his outstretched hand.

He admitted that it was at that point that he spat in the direction of the toll collector, then drove away.

“I did spit in her direction, but it didn’t catch her,” Powell told Loop News while arguing that he felt the overall story was presented in a manner that would likely slow down his rise in the music business.

“Right now I am getting a fight in the business and I just want to clear my name. I was not arrested,”
said Powell, who explained that a summons was issued by the police for him to go to court.
Powell admitted that he was fined $5,000 in court.

The police report on the matter stated that Powell was made to pay the fine after he pleaded guilty
to common assault.

But Powell has also refuted that claim, saying that he was never charged.

He said while in court, the judge heard his side of the story and the side from the toll collector, and asked both parties if they wanted to come to a resolution instead of taking the matter further.

But the explanation that has been given by the disc jockey is unlikely to quell the anger of some readers who claimed that the act of a man spitting at any individual, especially a female, during the argument, was not acceptable behaviour.

Powell is, however, adamant that he was provoked by the female.

“I am a person who loves and respect woman, but to tell the truth, sometimes people can do things
to draw you out more time,” said Powell.

Court documents showed that Powell appeared in the St Catherine Parish Court on Friday,
September 20, and was fined $5,000, with an alternative of 10 days in prison, and was ordered to
make an open apology to the victim in court.

Listen to the voice clip below as the DJ tells his side.


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