In a recent interview with Robbo Ranx on Capital XTRA, a London UK based radio show; dancehall’s Adonis Dexta Daps revealed that the “worst day of his life” actually happened during a little incident on stage no too long ago.  Watch the full interview below.

The No Underwear deejay was quite candid when he spoke about the unfortunate incident and even poked fun at himself in admitting his embarrassment. He also named the culprit who caused the horrible event and believe it or not, it was miss Needle Eye herself, Spice!

Spice, the soon to be crowned Queen of Dancehall apparently did a stage show in the Bahamas with Daps late last year. If you know Spice, then you’d know her performances are never without her dancers, Team Spice and are always quite theatrical. Whether she’s singing about making love underneath the sheet or cooling it down, you best believe, she’s going to have the props to demonstrate just that – and that she did!

In the interview, Dexta explained that the Cool It singer’s performance took place prior to his, which posed a big problem for his on stage delivery after. He said “Mi a go dance now, but Spice perform before mi, so yuh done know, from Spice perform before yuh, a trouble deh deh, cause she come wid a bag a ice and want cool it down. Pare ice in a har ting until the floor get wet now. Mi a perform now, run out! plaff, buff pon mi back” – he fell.

His fall didn’t go unnoticed by the rest of the world because there was a video that had started circulating shortly after that captured the epic occurrence. As expected, the media added their two cents about what they thought happened and blamed the fall on his inebriation, not taking into account that he was attempting to dance on a wet stage.

One commentator on JA Radio was convinced he had been smoking some good weed (Cannabis), which consequently altered his gross motor skills and ultimately led to the fall. She even reinforced her belief by adding that Daps bounced up from the floor very quickly and without injury, which is another indication that he must have been smoking, as weed sometimes give you a numbing sensation.

Well, fast forward to his recent confession to Robbo, Daps jokingly cleared up those rumors and consequently exposed his humiliation. He even explained that it was his feelings of embarrassment, which prompted him to dive off into the crowd after the fall—which he did, and what a bad decision that was.

Again the media disclosed that he landed on his face and may have suffered injuries but there is no proof of that. The Owner deejay did however say that when he landed in the arms of the admiring female fans, they all wanted a piece of him. The ladies tugged on him in every direction until one female fan eventually pinned him down, after which there was no escape. He even said a friend plunged into the crowd to help him but he too was defeated by the swarm of ladies.

We are not sure if Spice even knows that she’s being held responsible for Dexta Daps’ worst day of his life but what we do know is that he has no hard feelings about the matter. He has always shown admiration for the Dumpling deejay and it seems he will continue to do so, however with a lesson in mind – take caution after the Queen has graced the stage.


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