Spice and D’Angel ongoing feud over their “No Worries” collaboration is far from over.

On Saturday, the ‘First lady of Dancehall’ shared a lengthly video on YouTube addressing her fallout with the “Romantic Mood” singer.

In the almost 13 minute video shot on a beach in Kingston, D’Angel told fans her side of the story claiming Spice was the one who wanted to do a collaboration after she was called out for not helping other female entertainers.

The “Stronger” singer also addressed Spice’s dancer, Rebel disrespecting her on social media along with a slew of other topics.

D’Angel’s video quickly got the attention of Spice who went live on Instagram ahead of her weekly “Genie Saturdays.” Spice blasted Angel while revealing details about why her marriage ended with Beenie Man.

Watch snippets from D’Angel and Spice’s videos below.


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