While dancehall artiste D’Angel and motivational speaker Krystal Tomlinson may have ever had any real beef, the duo got high praises after they appeared on camera together in a 30 second-long clip posted to Instagram.

The skit-type video which was posted by D’Angel today opens with Tomlinson walking towards a gate, noting that she was unclear as to who was parked outside adding that it could be “Michelle” or “Pamela”; making reference to D’Angel’s real name which is Michelle Downer and her alter-ego news lady character “Pamela”.

D’Angel recently unleashed her alter-ego character ” Pamela” an unprofessional journalist in an IG video that went viral.

“I am here wondering if I have Pamela or Michelle, I don’t know who I have this morning” Tomlinson is heard saying as she walks towards the gate, clad in a wine-red, slip-like suede dress.

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D’Angel and Krystal Tomlinson

The camera shot then changes and D’Angel is seen exiting from a black car responding that it was Michelle and not Pamela.

The two are seen briefly talking about Pamela’s need to return to the airwaves (remember Pamela was fired from her job), something they both agree would be a good thing.

D’Angel and Tomlinson share a laugh together and the video ends.

The dancehall artiste, who is the ex-wife of Veteran dancehall star Beenie Man, has often been pitted against Tomlinson who is Beenie’s current girlfriend.

Tomlinson has in the past quelled rumours that the duo have an ongoing feud, telling her Instagram fans back in May 2020 that she and D’Angel get along just fine.

Fans in reacting to the post lauded the duo for their maturity.

“This is how grown and mature women should love it @dangelmusic and @krystaltomlinson I hope people take note and see two public figures don’t have to cursed and hold a grudge, ” said one IG user.

“This some REAL Grown Mature Folks stuff, ” added another IG user.

Meanwhile, Tomlinson heaped praises on Beenie Man in a Father’s Day post.  “You are the glue. We love you without conditions, for all seasons and every circumstance. Happy Father’s Day papa,” she said.


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