Spice isn’t here for Dancehall fans telling her to work things out with her ex-fiancé/baby father Nicholas Lall.

The Queen of Dancehall blasted Lall earlier this week after he uploaded an emotional  which shows him reuniting with their son, Nicholas at his graduation.

After Spice’s Instagram story rant, several fans pleaded with her to work on coparenting with Lall as its obvious that their kids miss him.

Spice has a few words for those critics, “LEAVE ME ALONE LET ME LIVE,” she wrote under a screenshot. “Y’all don’t live in my house so stop commenting like you have a clue what the “REAL” is.”

“Y’all know my weakness I can’t hold shit inside me for too long so leave me alone before I explode. Ohhh and while you at this big concern please call the father and tell him stop sending screenshots from Instagram to my child , cause it’s the same things he used to do and discuss things with the child causing his major set back in classes and f**ked up his brain.”

“When I use to run up and down get him counseling and hire 85 extra teachers to help him back to this high level where he could graduate with all passes where was you and him to make videos of the struggles? #F**kouttahere,” she continued.

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