Dancehall entertainer Alozade is now recovering after suffering a stroke last week.

The “Badman Nuh Watch Gyal” deejay, real name Michael Sterling, confirmed the reports with Loop News over the weekend, “I am going to be doing some physiotherapy. The doctors say I have made a remarkable recovery because my speech has come back, so ah just time my body needs to go through a natural healing process,” he told the publication.According to Alozade, he suffered the stroke early one morning last week while he was home in St Andrew, “I got up to use the bathroom and my foot start to slide all over the place like I stepped on black ice. So mi say ‘Wah gwaan ya so?’,” he said.

“Mi have slurred speech and mi immediately say ‘Young bwoy like mi? This couldn’t real’. Anyways, mi balance and manoeuvre until mi finally get back to bed safely,” the deejay added.

Alozade said when he woke up the next day, his sister immediately discerned that something was wrong.

“I had on my mask, but she said my right eye look droopy and when I took off my mask, she said my face kinda twisted. “So I got assistance to go to a doctor and he recommended UHWI (University Hospital of the West Indies).”

“It took about six to eight hours before anyone could see me because they are overwhelmed by the coronavirus, and I did a CT scan and they found bleeding on the brain,” Alozade continued.

The doctors told Alozade that he had a ‘haemorrhagic stroke’. Just days after the incident, the deejay says he is now making a remarkable recovering and his slurred speech is less pronounced now.

Alozade also used the opportunity to thank fans for their prayers and well wishes.


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