Jamaican singer Dalton Harris may have provided an answer for those who have questioned his sexuality when he posted a pansexual pride flag on Twitter.

Singer Dalton Harris

There have been many questions about Harris’ sexuality, especially in 2018 when the Cry singer was part of X Factor in the United Kingdom, which he eventually won.

Harris was accused of being gay when a photo surfaced with the Jamaican sitting in the lap of fellow male X Factor contestant Brendan Murray.

Private matter

He has always kept quiet about the issue, often stating that his sexuality is a private matter.

However, he said a lot more when he posted a picture of the colourful pansexual pride flag on his Twitter account on Friday.

A pansexual is someone who is attracted to a person of any biological sex, gender or gender identity.

That photo was shared after he made another post, insisting that he is the one who should decide who enters his bedroom.

“And lastly to those that are still attacking my sexuality, My privacy is my business and whoever enters my bedroom will get there because of how I feel about them, any of the other physical checkpoints I should meet to make anyone accept me. My life is mine to live,” he said.



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