If you’re a dog owner, you understand how animated their expressions can be when you ask them to go outside and play. Now imagine the excitement when you decide to take four large, energetic dogs to their favorite park!

Energetic Dogs Can’t Be Contained

That’s just what Canadian YouTuber, user “T3” caught on video. The hilarious video posted by the father of four German shorthaired pointers has gained quite the following. In just a few short weeks, the video surpassed over 500,000 views.

The car was filled with over-excited dogs who could hardly contain themselves. “Took the dogs to their favorite spot for a walk and they do this every time,” the father wrote. It’s no wonder this dog dad decided to video the excitement this time. This pupper reaction is ever so worthy of being caught on camera!

What starts out as a cool, calm, and collected road trip, turns into an all-out howl fest. Once Luna and her three canine pals figure out where they’re headed, the excitement becomes astounding. Once dad reveals their destination, the team of pups can hardly contain themselves. They became so excited he’s almost forced to pull over to have them simmer down! My favorite part though, is that they are actually quiet upon arrival at the park.

Check out these adorably energetic dogs that are eager for their park playdate!


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