It has been days since the loved ones of Ryon ‘Twins Man’ Bowen last laid eyes on him.

The 30-year-old taxi driver, who plies the Montego Bay to Hanover route, has been missing since last Wednesday and his spouse Sarah Tucker said she and his family are seeking the public’s help to find him.

Tucker said she last spoke to Bowen on Tuesday night and found it odd that he did not contact her the following morning.

She, however, grew worried after his brother called her phone on Thursday to enquire about his whereabouts as they were unable to get in contact with him.

“He spoke to his brother on the day he went missing and persons said he got a charter from a young lady from Montego Bay to Falmouth, where she agreed to pay him $10,000,” Tucker said. “That is really way above the price to go to Falmouth because the fare would be about $4,000. I honestly think he took it because time was slow and naturally if somebody offer you that type of money you are going to take it.”

She says that it has been difficult for her since his disappearance, adding that persons have been accusing her of knowing more than she says she does.

“We had an altercation the week before and I had moved out and now everyone is pointing fingers at me saying that I am responsible, and I am telling you that I know nothing about it,” Tucker said. “Ryon is my husband and when wi ready wi argue and mi will move out for a few days and come back.”

She added, “Even though I had moved out, wi mek up back and was on very good terms. We spoke for a lengthy time the night before he went missing.”

Tucker said she is hoping that the police would be able to retrieve camera footage at the section where Bowen had parked his vehicle to see the last passenger he took up.

She said that he had purchased the 2013 Toyota Wish he was driving and had not gotten a chance to install a tracking system as yet.

She stressed that it is unlike him to desert his family like this and begged the person or persons responsible for his disappearance to release him.

“Please just bring him back or send him back to us,” she said. “He has a family and we love him very much. His children need him. He is not a wrongdoer as he works very hard for what he has. He is a very humble soul and we really miss him.”

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Bowen is being asked to contact the Sandy Bay Police Station in Hanover or 119.


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