The St James Parish Court got an unusual pair of animal visitors between Wednesday and Thursday, when two large frogs showed up at the court building with documents in their mouths.

According to THE STAR, the incident unfolded inside the hallway near the Western Regional Gun Court, which adjoins the main court premises.

The papers allegedly had the names of a judge and a police officer inscribed on them.

It was also suggested that one name may have been that of a man with an ongoing court case.

It was not stated whether the frogs’ presence disrupted regular court proceedings.

Several court employees confirmed that the frogs had been there.

A source at the parish court’s office, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said the police retrieved the papers from the amphibian’s mouth.

It is suspected that the frogs were placed at the court as part of some exercise in the supernatural.

“Dem thing deh a gwaan, because ‘iron a beat’,” one resident outside the courthouse declared, referring to the likelihood of obeah being practised.


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