Jamaican police escorted a white male passenger off a flight destined for New York following an altercation with another passenger (October 20). Reports are that the JetBlue flight was on the tarmac at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston when a verbal altercation became heated when the man used the N-word to refer to another passenger.

It’s said the man, who was late for boarding, became upset when he was told to proceed directly to his seat and got there to find another man occupying it.

He and a female passenger became embroiled in a bitter squabble over the seating arrangement.

It is alleged that the man told the woman, “This n-word is in my seat, all of you guys on this plane are n-words, you’re a n-word, you’re a n-word. And I can say the n-word anytime I want to.”

The man’s statement caught the ire of the passengers, predominately Jamaicans.

Several passengers were seen in a video rushing to the man’s section of the cabin where they attempted to hurl fists at him, as flight attendants attempted to defuse the situation.

The man was subsequently removed from the flight by Jamaican police who escorted him back into the airport. He is expected to leave the island on another flight today.


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