Dancehall veteran Bounty Killer was in attacking mode on Instagram today, defending his girlfriend Claudia’s honour, against perverted male fans and dismissing detractors who, among other things, made claims that she resembled his ex D’Angel.

It seems Instagram follower ‘malvochado’ made it a point of his duty to get onto the Warlord’s last nerves after the artiste posted a photograph of himself and his lady love, taken at his 48th birthday party, which took place on Friday, and captioned it “Mami and Zaddy 12-06-20”.

“Bounty woman sexy tho.  Me wudda tek a slap out of her,” the impudent young man wrote under the post, only to evoke the brunt of the Coppershot singer’s anger, whose clapbacks in the squabble that followed, bordered on, and at times surpassed obscene.

“@malvochado.  Slap out a yu mumma junjo front. Boy have respect ova ya b__y breathe,” Bounty responded angrily, evoking support from his fans, some of whom jeered malvochado and hurled rebukes at him.

One fan, ‘dippa_don100’ sought to explain to malvochado that making passes at Jamaican artistes’ women, was not something that was taken lightly in Reggae/Dancehall circles. “@malvochado.  A wah day Flex a tell we pon I Octane live, seh dem man ya serious like court house when it come to woman business enuh.   Careful,” he warned.

It appeared that malvochdo was undeterred or had a lot of time on his hands, as he responded in a nonchalant manner, making it clear that he was unconcerned about how upset Bounty had become about his comment.

“Everybody ready fi tek me on.   I said what I have said; don’t care,” he wrote, before hurling another verbal jab at the Warlord stating: “u nuh see Killa a sissy …Which man act like that?”

Having read the comments of his tormentor Bounty, responded: “@malcochado.   Mi a sissy and yu a fishy u on my page following me up b__y fish; btch how much gyal deh pon IG go comment pon a gyal page sht pit,” Killer said.

“Fish that came looking man Attention we give dem hot Tension. Di fag a bawl bout I’m following up sh*t, so who’s page and who’s post him commented on?” he added.

Bounty Killer then moved on to another tormentor, ‘missbb55’, whose four words; “She kinda resemble Angel,” seemingly made him hot under the collar.

“@missbb55.  Now come on, wake up.  That’s the worse comparison u could’ve ever made.  They are far wide and apart in resemblance.  Wash out ur eyes please,” he rebuked.

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Bounty Killer and girlfriend Claudia

Bounty seemed to have calmed down a bit as he was not as brash with rayton_m who told him that next time he should hug Claudia when posing for photos, only responding: “2rayton_m, don’t always have to hug what’s mine, plus she hugged the heart already.”

However, the One General went back into war mode, unleashing another tirade after  champion_gyal_petrice decided to take him on, implying that he was impudent.

“Crosses Bounty yu feisty nuh BC… U feel a everybody go comment sumn nice? Yes yu woman look good BT u need fi shake up yu feisty like,” she said to which the artiste replied: “U mother never tell if u nuh have ntn good fi say shut yu mouth comment bad or negative over and I compliments u simple”.

Not to be outdone, champion_gyal_petrice replied: “grunggadzilla ask yuself; u remind mi a Intense all u do a lip trace, gweh!”

Also joining in the melee was attiude_ann, who rose to the defense of D’Angel and jeered the Killer about his attire.

“@grunggadzilla, you a trace like a big cratchez gyal.  You see how you mouth long like River Nile.  Which part a Claudia look better than Angel?   She fava me granny old chip-up chip-up coffee mug,” she jeered.

“Di two a unnuh look like di scarecrow whe me daddy use to heng up inna him weed field fi scare di bird them.  Diss more look like a clown party inna unnuh pretty pretty garments dem. A whe you buy dem clothes deh dung a rae rae grung?” she added.

Bounty was equally dismissive of ‘julian_nextlevel’ who attempted to make disparaging remarks about his skin tone.

“So Bounty light skin? All this time mi think black black, him just just see nuff sunlight,” he mocked.

“Julian_nextlevel, black means skin tone or race so yellow man white then sir?  Take a few seats please,” was Bounty’s terse response.

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Mami and Zaddy💥🎉🥂🎉🥂🎉💥 12-06-20

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